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HAY Online Messages | Royale L'radin Speaks What Is Right For Your Spirit | HAY Online Quotes

"Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for doing what's right for your spirit." - @royalelradin

Take Away: One great example is my already up tail attending Dope Boss Mom Empire's Entrepreneur Ministries called, "Mornings At His Feet".

For the Christian Entrepreneur, and any Entrepreneur not claiming a label can find great motivation. When attending good intentioned communities, one will find solace. I personally wake early to monitor for clients, myself and those following to see how they fair on the World Wide Web stage. After doing so, now I go to #MorningsAtHisFeet to keep momentum of motivation. Great scriptures are shared and getting the Declaration Journal helps.

Another take away, just keep clear of those with malicious intent. Many say they are of Christ teachings which is great if they truly are following. I want to know, where is Christ in those saying like him in their own actions? They steal, they will purposely Shade and Clown, and if I missed something did not know that was part of teachings? Well, those feeling to teach but cannot fix their own house first are hypocrites who add to the Chaos in the world. Cannot preach a ministry to youth and accept a Pedophile as mongol you, mixed message and as if helping persons urges. Also, if one goes to Voodoo to conceive, "Is that not of God?" I just know that many are saved, some need to do what is right by them if that is be of a tainted source of birth but feel well in reason to judge others. What if one wanted to judge the birth of one by a "Witch Doctor". Many need to do as I always do, worry about themselves first, share what helped if another may use it, and bgg e honest with ones self to not judge less yee be judged. Cannot throw stones but know you are being nasty and still claim Christ. Which is it?

I just know my intent and why my faith is how it is. It is sad that many who label as "Christ Like" do not do it. They will gossip, talk at you after doing so, and stay on a self righteous path that is followed by the lost as them. If you still are in your growth phase, let another know. Share what moved your Spirit to be as you are, then share where it counts, online. This is why this Christian Ministry for Entrepreneurs is shared through HAY Online Media. I, the founder do not mind getting my daily dose and sharing. I am not here to judge, just stay in my lane, behind scenes helping, personally sharing and definitely blocking connections that hurt metrics. I personally do not mind another doing same. I learned one did who was stealing ideas and so from then on I too did so across many platforms. Been let The Creator guide me to stay away from False Prophets, whether family or not. I let The Creator guide my actions to stop working with back biting family. I let Tge Creator show me how to protect online to stay the course. So as I get ready to add more online to website back pages, much will be put into consideration.

As Royale L'radin says, " Do what is right for your Spirit" and I do, so should you. People will talk and hurt their slate, you just focus on your journey ignoring the "Un-Christ Like Shade", HAY Online Spiritual.

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