• Aquarius Dawn Nancy

HAY Online News • Hello December 2020 Haitian American Youth Online

This December 2020 Haitian-American Youth Online, HAY will be sharing Carousel Posts sharing highlights from this years milestones. From new HAY Online Mentors to New Grid Layout that will educate on Haiti, SEO You Need To Know, and sharing greatness in the magazine through Lucid Press that is coming out this week. Will be presenting myself, Aquarius Dawn Nancy, more the coming years as we create greatness to invite you all to participate in as in online events. Purple coloring are brand colors for founder of HAY Online that denotes information from me. The blue and red or black and red( representing change as Dessalines wanted it to, Revolution in approach). Just grateful to see December 1st, grateful business in SEO, Online Presence picking up, and opportunities to connect with people who really care about Black Lives! Great December 2020 Haitian American Youth!

Haitian American Youth Online Logo Header Image on HAY Online