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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

SEO You Need To Know - Description Is A SEO Section
SEO Section: Descriptions Sections ( SEO Audit Tip )

SEO Audit Tip: If your brand name is not in SEO Sections like the Descriptions of webpages ( i.e. Instagram: Title of Your Webpage They Lend You ( Your Profile Page is a Web Page). It should be named after brand, no room for nostalgic or play on words here, the bots want clear, concise information they will find elsewhere as an MO of your Branding SEO. That pattern helps a bot quickly recognize it is you. Then the intentional writing must naturally mention brand and if not online yet in search, you must put first word of Description Sections as your Brand Name.

Biography, Status Updates and Captions should have a designated Title Area MO ( Title and teach bots how your Title will look ) .

To stand out, do not copy others.

Create your own even if opened and closed with emojis used to designate further this kind of content type of will be shared. You want to set yourself apart in a sea of billions of copycats. Trust, it helps if a group(s) is trying to drown you. Purposely not referring to your well visible online brand on websites you Co-Citate on is something you must peep too. Peer disrespect tells bots they do not value you.

Do you want to be connected to vanity metrics that hurt you?

Learn Co-Citation and we will discuss that next tip. It is much to dissect, yet those serious will learn it, look up other information that presents examples different ways since not all learn the same.

Just get the knowledge and ask one as I, a SEO, for further breakdown. Red Light District SEO coming soon to Reels near you. #RedLightDistrictSEO #AquariusDawnNancyConsulting

Email: hayonlinemedia@gmail.com for assistance or SEO services.

Cleaning House: Those who follow me and notice my posts will see past decade always alerting on my webpage of a profile I am cleaning house. Looking for engagement groups with serious Entrepreneurs well ran. Following those I met while ghosting, removing those not following back I follow. So as I do that I found three great groups I will share more in stories. The point of them is to meet people you are going to engage with or see value in connecting to. So, as I pick up more work to fund dreams that must grow as in branding myself finally , I will Clean House.

It is tiring and some shade actions you read into as they are. My weekends are for Engagement. Stability is a must. Great Rising Kings and Queens!

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