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HAY Online Quotes | B. Francois, New Addition Among Many To Quotes Entrepreneur Online Can Use

HAY Online Quotes - I am the occasion - B. Affirmed
I am the occasion. - B. Francois ( B. Affirmed)

#Repost @b_affirmed @download.ins Whether you’d like to get super dressed up just because or go to a fancy dinner... go for it because you are worth it! I came across a quote that says, “Invest in yourself. It pays the best interest.” You are the reason and the occasion! “I am the occasion.” ✨For more on today’s affirmation, tune into today’s episode of the B.Affirmed podcast. While you’re there please subscribe, share and review the podcast wherever you listen.

✨B. Blessed|B.Positive|B.Affirmed Side Notes: I can say for me, daily affirmations and my relationship with God help me pull through. Now that I embark on my marketing journey, God sent me all the help I need. Now I have a tribe of women from all races, backgrounds, and stations in life helping me help more. When you deal with Malice so long it can be daunting all you do to organically keep content online. Now I have more clients and goal is to not need public assistance and feed my kids. I just am affirmed to be on "My Square" as my friend Chuckie Mills would tell me. Many count you out and would not wish on them what I have gone through.

B. Affirmed? I sure am! - Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Daily Affirmations by B. Francois, Haitian-American Marketer who encouraged others through her Savior, Christ. #BAffirmed #HAYOnlineQuotes

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