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"Wisdom is knowing which support to accept, which support to dissect, and which support to reject. " - @royalelradin

Side Note: Personally, my experience among my own is why I have better wisdom in choosing support. I then block all else stealing ideas but not helping. Some who think your numbers small and do not know you knew more about their online presence try you. Example, I once went to a then popular DJ in South Florida among Haitian night club scene to promote a Haitian-American Comedian named Haitian Jonas. He charged me $1000 to pass fliers and promote online. He had two pages I followed on Fakebook and chose his least popular page to put my flyer and promote event. Then I tracked what my initial $500 gave me after much dodging to even come pick up my filters I spent that amount on. I had to eventually drive myself to him and drop off at a nightclub he was DJing. Now I went to many about this slap in face yet again from another one of the vultures in the phony section of the Haitian community I use to go to for help.

Now, I would never. Also, another marketer for a page who has other accounts that claim #1 Haitian-American Platform is a Plagairizing individual with no shame I block since 2012 when I found out my research question on the many confusing then Haitian pageants was taken as problematic instead of direct one like I to correct spot to learn of all. After that block in 2012, I started doing the same as she did. I notice each angle I presented she did with a celebrity. Also learned she went to my clients who came to me stating she tried to solicit them to her team. Though some are former clients. A few years ago with a current consulting client I wrote a blog for since part of many services provided by me without typos 🤗🤣, copy and paste word for word text from a Tumblr blog about Haitian architecture, Shotgun Houses. So when I gripe it is because some hurt your livelihood thinking you are small but steal from you. Then are rewarded by platforms you would think track IP behavior of Plagairizing but they get rewarded. So many my Blue Robes Diaries Podcast will share. The "Just My Thoughts" portion sharing a Haitian-American girls dreams, attempts at it those dreams, progress, and just thoughts on events that molded my path. I got the Just My Thoughts angle from an Author, Siekiem Kontom looking to add to another angle, From Boys To Men I know will be copied. Even Fakebook does the same. Just crazy that behavior is accepted but when many getting acknowledgement use it and win in the public eye it is hard to curb unless platforms use Plagairizing software too, not just believe every report either. They should detect why same IP always reporting or if different ones, look and investigate if not a competitor's tactic to slow another down. Guess Black Lives Matter of the affluent thief's, not ours! Black Ecommerce matters to me and cannot stay connected to a community who steals ideas but not create their own and do as I, angle different after research shows current popular stand. I keep running from it but no more. My kids get older, life demands more and my legacy I refuse played with so long. So no need for any attachments since my engaging self has no problem meeting new supportive friends. Patreon still setting up to get help with equipment needed namely a Mac Laptop and other things so I can really share the things dreamt of at nine with the online world while building youth websites dedicated to those who donate on Pateeon monthly for at least a year. This platform will help when hosting due to not always be in limbo if my meager income can pay. I lost many site due to this at time homeless and working and 20 bucks was difference of site up, eat or give my son ten because so long since doing that. Just much these vultures do one must get wiser about.

I want others out there struggling to know this Beauty and Brains, Nancy Francois never gives up. I just block so metrics no longer hurt by manipulative social media and no easy association with one copying. Just sad some are not original, will block you then say all about unity. As I did to many who acted a way, I created no follow pages on this site connected to this blog years ago of many who tried it by acting as if one insignificant. Still blocking to this day and guess what, it helps. I tell clients, if your own family do not support by liking, sharing, or commenting but doing so on rivals pages, block them too. They will learn when they attempt to manage their Online presence how hard engagement is. If they cannot return what you do for them, leave that phony show of love to have you add to their popularity with a Follow but they slap you, your business and children fed by it in the face. Some take one as complaining but when acts do to another what God deems ugly it does hurt feelings you then get over and wiser about. Separate feelings, use wisdom to separate. Many I worked for in HAYDay of Plagiarizing and poisoning against one they stole ideas from told me to blog then. I used better wisdom on that to just separate and move on but this one thorn in side still cannot come up with their own anything and how many pages are, they just copy, screengrab and pass off as their own cropping even watermarks. This is why I post a way so a Googke Search this Image can be done thst I bet Artificial Intelligence bots use to detect who initially put image up.

My Dear Watson🤔 when will these platforms do as trademarking does? Let the Creator detected to put ideas or content Online first pillaged get their money or fame out of it for at least a decade, three years more than trademarking does. Some go through homelessness, lack of support as they try to grow their business others learn of through means also sad to then take ideas they have ability to make aesthetic nicer than one luke I who use apps on their mobile phone like many Millennials around the world who do not have internet or a computer. Demographic of those following this thief who likes to say never heard of 🙄 are college age desktop using women mostly as alexa.com once shared when I paid for competitor analysis. So if I hit my target why are social media platforms playing with suggestions and visibility? I know why but also shows their angle saying they help Creators is a lie. They hurt creators allowing reporting that is malicious and without merit to slow or stop content then copied and passed off as one doing reporting brain child. She even used my "Through Your Eyes" as her journey I put in about she read as she studied all put on my website then changed fashion blog to all you see as I presented all I wrote as a nine year old Aristide inspired Haitian American girl wanting to help Haiti. #JustMyNobodyThought - Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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