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"Don't waste your time trying to seek validation from someone who doesn't respect what you bring to the table."

Side Note: To the "Mogul in the Making", if you know what you bring to a business collaboration is valuable, do not waste your time trying to prove it.

Ran into many doubts and snubs. As intended, we wanted to be online using SEO. Being an SEO Consultant is fun when it comes to spying on competition for a client. Some results found is validation enough to keep providing HAY Online Media University help. This area of teaching is becoming members only for deep learning in how to claim online world from day one. Also, help for those needing to clean up Online Presence is offered. The fact clients come back is validation enough for me.

HAY Online, I look to have a productive week. Tomorrow a boat comes in and could be seven days. I hope so, will be working ground position this time. Signs I need to find better where one is not flip flop. As many, my behind must have multiple sources of income. This month two youth websites also go up for youth doing great things and need a good, simple, great for internet packages most Americans can afford. The speed, data, and access to the web via mobile or desktop govern why all those flashy overloaded with scripts homepage sites are not ideal. Look at Google website templates and notice most major corporations using a less busy look. Tomorrow will share two examples as part of HAY Online Media University.

Google "HAY Online Media University" , What do you see?

My Chrome Experience shows:

Please Note: Chrome Search Experience Is Customized To Your Search History. What you see may not be what is shown here under ads section in your personalized search for term asked to "Google Me"(HAY Online Media University)

Why use business cards when you can just tell one in a ad, "Google Me" or "Google My Business"?

Great, productive day HAY Online! - @aquariusdawnnacy

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