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HAY Online Quotes | Transformational Speaker Discusses Self Love Worthiness | Royale L'radin Speaks

"Self love is accepting that we are worthy of being loved properly." - Royale L'radin

"Self Love is accepting that we are worthy of forgiveness." - @royalelradin

"Self love is accepting that we are worthy of second chances." - Royale L'radin Speaks

Side Note: Royale L'radin, The Transformational Speaker, is the truth!

He created a whole community of mental wellness that grows exponentially each time I get back online and check for his profiles. After a blow that had me slow down because at time dealing with personal matters my blog, Aquarius Dawn Nancy, shares, I can say he has transformed my own mindset.

During my hiatus from the web to deal with my life, I looked to saved quotes from Mr. L'radin that kept me feeling good about my thoughts and encouragement to be myself and unapologetically was theme of them. Really appreciate how daily he posts new sets of quotes. I can see now why "Real Talk Kim" Plagiarizing happened. This guy cranks out masterpieces.

Well, off to blog about some great Haitian platforms like "Haitians That Slay" following on IG. Part of the "Sexy Ass Haitian-American" series added a few years back, will share posts of many we shoot or find.

Just loving the changes seeing and hope these protests are not just a trend. Really want most out of them, the demonstrations, to have unity and weed out the phony so our kids are not slowed down as they did many. Non Violent Black on Black Crime is a big issue that I block but definitely do not want my kids to deal with. It is not right and will be rampant if that too is not monitored. Separate from any "Skinfolk" undermining.

Royale helps me here to because as the Worthy of Self Love theme above, I am worthy of all I worked hard for. Nasty people must be blocked, prayer from a distance for them, and stay clear of that intimidated energy. Dangerous too, if one is fixated on your demise in any capacity, they are a threat one cuts off.

Great day Haitian-American youth Online!

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