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Ready or Not by The Fugees Screengrab

"Ready or Not, Here I Come, You Can't Hide, Gonna Find You, And Take It Slowly" - The Score from The Fugees

I was born in the 80's raised most the 90's. So I remember my 1996 school year attending Olsen Middle School in Dania Florida , hanging out with Billy (My then sweetheart) at Tashaneeks house in Collins and listening to many now considered Hip Hop classics.

This album, "The Score" from a group so huge with two artists of Haitian descent was big. One reason Wyclef Jean was always referenced, because then to today he still represents Haitian America in my eyes. "Ready or Not" here I come.....

Since my youth, my imagination has served to protect my mental and to help with Mnemonic devices used to draw inspirations that also remind why one does something. "Visual Minders", I call them. The take away message here is to just start going after your passion no matter if ready or not!

Keep reaching out to all you come across. Only portion of this song reference is "Take It" and "Slow" means set-up shop to get all one said after to help others without a name or connections. I have been ready, and no matter the obstacles, twenty years later online still standing because of "Iron Clad" SEO.

For as long pursuing this dream, HAY Online Radio has been one and why I reached out to many in Entertainment and glad Haitian All-StarZ was receptive and helpful in suggestions that got me ready. Now my other media partner Grind Ethiks Media put me onto Anchor. Love that it is a great unifying hub for the radio portion. We will present Blue Robes Diaries SEO, Blue Robes Diaries AQDN, Grind Ethiks Mixtape Show, HAY Online Interviews, HAY Online Radio - Music Hour, Haitian All-StarZ Music Corner, and more from independent content creators with no management looking to join a Indie Community that keeps their content online.

Will keep helping all collaborating with do their best online via private consulting page. Either you pay a membership of $150 a year or you are included. Will share advice and custom help as well as DMs of things noticed as web space monitoring goes on. I rise early.

Also, will be added much Spiritual and Motivational Content to listen too. I currently wake up and try to catch Dope Boss Mom Empire and Speak Sakia "Mornings At His Feet". They both provide Entrepreneur motivational devotions on "Instragram Live" hosted by the handles: @dopebossmomempire with @speak_sakia #MorningsAtHisFeet

I need constant motivation and why Quotes and content like theirs shared. So adding their message to the radio podcast on Anchor will help me with, Ready or Not moves.

Be great HAY Online!🙋🏿‍♀️🇭🇹🇺🇸

Edited 9:35am 5/6/2020

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