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Elder Marjory St. Elien's ( @marjorystelien ) Corner #MarjoryStElienMessages on HAY Online Sunday Best


"You're a diamond, darling. They can't break you. notsalmon.com "

"People be like: You changed."

"No matter how bad you have it, wake up each day thankful for your life, because someone somewhere is fighting for theirs."

🙌🏿 Receive It, The Message🙌🏿

Side Note: Personally, going through much myself and just leave it The Creators hands. My personal walk is not of others, that is fine. Just get this Haitian American Youth Online, your destiny was made by a Higher Power source, trust in the process and pray for those no longer part of your journey from a distance.

As a plant grows, it sprouts new roots. So your new connections are part of your own growth and as long as you stay true to yourself, others who truly see what you are as a being will respect you. All else looking to slander your name have their own rectifying with their Higher Power source. Stay humble, stay praying, and be grateful you are up today with another chance to make your life great. #MarjoryStElienMessages

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