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Journey Through Setback | Royale L'radin Speaks Human Experience In 7 Part Series | Webinar

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Do onto others as you want done!

I believe in this from my Christian label days. Not to knock a Christian, being honest and another blog can explain.

Many speak one thing and show another.

I am direct and bold. Had I partnered with those The Creator purposely blocked out my life, nothing would last.

I can say #RoyaleLradin Webinar #JourneythroughSetback is a great one to have often in the year for those serious about cleaning up their circles of influence.

Part 1 was Circle of Influence,

Part 2 was Fear & Doubt,

and Part 3 yesterday's greater session on Zoom was on Drifting.

Was glad #TheBigCock joined, my man Oliver🤗, and grateful I gained a new consulting client too.

What I am grateful for?

I am grateful because since 2012 when I began to block back those who started that show of ignorance, in sense of definition, all my content stayed even longer. No more reporting, because ones doing it were blocked. Online behavior is big. If one says about Unity but threatened enough to try and snuff you, that is grounds to remove them, not do as them. Stay humble and focus on those who are serious about their online presence.

Some throwing shade get their humble moments. I take mine and learn from them. No shame! All my downfalls I have picked myself up from through The Creator in me created my come ups and out of fallen spots I pull. One scared of you doing malicious things are signs of weak character for one to spend energy to destroy what was a "God Given Grant", as Royale stated in so many words I took this "Sentiment". The Creator Grant's you seeds, Angel's are sent to water them, Dead rotting Ducks you must pick up carcasses of and throw out, and keep growing. I been had to block and block and block that taught me more protective measures to consult clients going through same bad online behavior used on them.

Plagiarizing because lazy is not of God.

Reporting competition because threatened is not of God.

Backbiting and trying to take ones clients and connections is not of God.

That is not even good business. If the same that happened to me back when I circumvented those failed attempts by scared P***y, why would I now go back? I received my help and just share my stories because too many come to me with same story. I just give them help how I would have given one scared kitty. When The Creator knows your heart, many road blocks will be put up in the presence of enemies. Fact those people do it to others they do not know were and some still are clients is proof enough you "Dodge a Bullet". I get what I need, so to some thinking, just read and share with someone who deals with sabotage and read all stories through to see victories shared. Will start a new format for blog posts. Sharing what solutions helped me and link one to people who did. Now, individuals help me because they are doing to me as I once did or as The Creator uses them to.

My personal focus is #SelfSabotage and as some like to do, take little shared and expound on it. Will help out there, I share my stories for those it relates to. Not for one to use against thinking one still is in them. #gotowebinar "Journey Through Setback sign up at www.instagram.com/royalelradin and in his bio is form link to register for next Wednesdays Free Webinar. No one is perfect, but to always be nasty is a flaw in character in that person. #BeAttitudes #BeLoveorBeBlocked

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