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Respecting many out here whose side hustle has now become their main hustle after Automation took their jobs.

Let us support those who support you back in these hard times.

So as part of HAY Online Media and Grind Ethiks Media collaboration, we will present a business or side hustle that is helping put food on the table of Entrepreneurs. Let us help get those on Social Media online through blogging that is a way of leverage to do so used past fifteen years for Haitian-American Youth Online.

#BlogDammit tag can be seen used by me, Aquarius Dawn Nancy on consulting profiles for years now. It is great to use once practice makes perfect. Blog under your Gmail account Blogger you can point a branding domain name to. Hope your brand name is not being held hostage by Registering Brokers who buy them then mark up value based on possible use by you in future. Example, you spend effort promoting your business for years and one with name confusion benefits buys your domain and solicits you to buy it from them to help create your brands Online Presence. Do not let this be you and purchase your domain name for brand and branding from IONOS.com

After you get it, if you cannot afford monthly hosting yet, link the domain purchased from Ionos to your free Google Product blogsite, Blogger .

Hope they go after competitors using reporting tools, Plagairizing passing content off as their own not giving credit, and use algorithms to detect malicious behavior "My Dear Watson!" Sheesh, one marketer who lacks originality is getting too bold. I had to block from many who tried it so their actions stop hurting and taking food from my babies mouths. This here is why the podcast, "If Black Lives Matters Then Why....Title". Dislike unoriginals who hurt their own then say "Black Lives Matter"! Do not want my kids going to them. Many in the Haitian community do this. These brands pulling from Fakebook can actually use their brands name and legacy a boost others from their own CMS with brand.com . Coca Cola never needed social media, it needed them as they need us Entrepreneurs to steal ideas from then create titles similar stealing your shine coming up in SERPs. Be aware this happening is not good. Major brands can do as FB and even better since Online longer than them. Their SEO alone is gold and hope those heading their Online Presence realize this and save them advertising. Just create content and first upload to their own major brand name blog that has Legacy Power. Legacy Power is what I tell consulting clients they have because they have been online so long they can leverage it to get higher positions in Search Engine Results Pages with it alone, not a social media platform. This helps HAY Online too since online longer than most social media was even thought of. Take back your Online presence power, and create your brand name blog where Official information about brand moves is shared first. This helps track Plagiarizing that occurs on Social Media. With many people loosing jobs leaves room for unoriginals not willing to work hard online building their brand to just steal your idea they saw on Social Media. Yet, if you share first ever on your blog slash website, blogsite, then Search Google for Image you SEO with brand name leads back to you time stamped as first to ever share idea Online. This can help programmed bots reasoning if one is Plagairizing as well as you proving it came first from you before it went viral.

Please respect your brand enough to get a free blog at least from Google whose products are built to give a brand an engine backed by them to help keep their brand online. Places like Social Media make money off your presence while asking you to pay to break out of most times purposely lessen visibility or impressions to pressure one looking for likes and engagement to boost a post. Only Pinterest and Google marketing worth it right now for an Entrepreneur sat down from primary source of income. They both offer free ways to promote among others without fear of platform taking ideas. It is like a triple slap in face.

We respect Entrepreneurs efforts at Grind Ethiks HAY Online Media!

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