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Monday Motivation | Evaluate Your Circle | Royale L'radin Speaks

"Sometimes the biggest influence over our setbacks are the people we keep around us, not because it's their fault for our predicament, but because it's our fault for keeping them around.

Evaluate your Circle of Influence." - Royale L'radin

Side Note: Trust, I am taking Royale L'radin guidance full throttle and pushing through with a great Circle of Influence. The one thing for me is being around people where I look to be has helped me each time I stumble. I fall and look back up to childhood friends, mentors and inspiration that put me back on track. This is why if I learn they are running businesses, sharing is done because "Visual Minders" of their progress influences me to keep going. Now more stable, with a supportive team, and a will to see all dreamed about to happen is why more active. One thing, I refuse to deal with Phony people who have time to copy but not assist. Poison others but still years later not do as I or they pay to do. Platforms now trying to care about Black Lives but allowed other black folks to hurt another business and all aware of it with tracking Artificial Intelligence bots do. Allowing Plagiarizing to point one pages marketer copy and paste text I came up with a client to put in a blog on their Tumblr about house architecture Influenced by Haiti. Some Shotgun Houses and that person's crew screenshot, showed their friend, and I was forwarded something these unity toting people do. God always reveals it all but know my Ancestors protect me and show me through "Good Eye" or Third Eye what is what. How can you say about something you do not follow? So my new Podcast called "Black Lives Matter Them Why..." was created. It will discuss with my co-host Viktory BX Supreme how hypocrisy with the Black community by Fluffers is truly something brought up more since now Wife Beaters, Black on Black Crime Violators and Back Biting skinfolk are a detriment to total survival. I just know I refuse to let my kids go to some in my community I know did me dirty but publicly look as winning. Birds of a feather flock together and twenty years shows pattern still alive in 2020. I just block and move on. Their connections did not help me nor my Circle of Influence. Would not be good to be among Copycats who use their connections to hurt another. Now one is dealing with youth? I hope they worked on their selves but if they are nasty, they more likely exhibit this to their kids who will act lessons out on their own as their parent learned to screw their own over from. "Rotten Feathers" not in my Circle and if learned infiltration, I block now. I cannot afford to be connected to people that would increase my price per click. Some cannot admit to all they lied to especially if number chasing is their goal while now youth are in their sights. I just do not say names because not here for it, just here to equal playing field, not let my kids deal with vultures and move on with true genuine people.

Just My Thoughts 🤗✊🏿 Not all Skinfolk are Kinfolk! Not all are genuine....

The Transformational Speaker, Royale L'radin

Opened the Revolution To Inspire Empowerment Center

We will be sharing updates on the center started to give youth something to do while being inspired to be their best. Also, Empowerment Events are held there too by other professionals serving the community to uplift. Been following some of the Empowerment coaches and will be taking some courses as well to improve in those areas. Will share it all and keep updated on their progress. See you soon with updates on @rtiec operations.

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