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Her Consulting Services:

Tabitha’s Financial Services!! How can my services help you? Schedule a free consultation today! https://tabithasfinancialservices.as.me/

Side Note: Part of taking accountability is with assessing your true financial situation. It can be scary but finding professionals who help you clean it up is a start. Reach out, ask questions, and see if a Credit Repair specialist is for you. Also, in the process, you can become self-employed helping others as you were. Each person financial story is different so outcomes are such. Many factors go into succeeding in Credit Repair, biggest area to change is your mindset.

Personally, I follow @tabithasfinancialservices for help, mentoring, and mindset conditioning. I need visual aids to be in my feeds and around my physical environment.

All, I follow inspire me and as I always say, "The Creator knows my heart." Even early this morning, a person trying to build with took my comments wrong, the old me would waste all day beating my point across. Now, it is say what I can since many do not let you finish and reflect on my part in matter and bounce. I refuse to tolerate change to my mindset on positivity, respect and understanding. Mentally, I use my statement "God knows" to let go of the gossip that will come of this person spreading things you never said or were not allowed to finish statement on. My mindset is not on problems but solutions and avoiding those hurting efforts. That back and forth if not focused can distract. So I woke up loo ou ng on Tabitha's profile because my want for better cannot let me waste time picking up an argument when "Money Making Moves" are on my mind. I share this to say, mindset if not in control of Circle of Influence can be distracted.

Visual aids help:

These above help and Tabithata shares great "Mindset Building" quotes on her timeline and videos that are catchy. Be surrounded by love, positivity and motivation. Will be using her services in some areas that will be shared once done. I love this video showing her pretty face:

Great day HAY!

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