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{Mother's Prayer}

My "Mother's Prayer" today this tenth day of November is to keep striving for better and meet great people along the way.

Doing that alone will help my kids be in greater soil than I was coming up.

The urge for better is why my passion for creating niches began. Collecting great people that understand lack of support to point they do so.

Many experience lack of support and join the rest of the chorus. I like to meet those who speak of lack but seek to fill that void. If they are in same mission as I in this area then we both, three, or more will amass a great united community of members from varying communities who synergistically come together for the common greater good, our kids futures.

A blogger mom, Aquarius Dawn Nancy a Dope BossMom, part of the Dope BossMom Empire created by Chisa Barrett. #MothersPrayer

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