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Netflix | Again? Haiti Tried In Netflix Documentary About Aids Mentions Haiti | HAY Online News

Saw on Twitter today and went to link @HaitiLives shared there in @hayonlinenews, our media end Twitter. There we share our news of youth we learn of or brought to attention along with other topics authors dive into and share with us.

So, we are back to getting disrespected. Feels like these Revelations are getting more and more jumbled as in all racial tensions coming at once for all to see, examine and provide solutions to.

We focus on solutions so: Sign The Petition

I , Nancy Francois also known as Aquarius Dawn Nancy, signed it. I can at least do that but give money, no.

At this time during COVID19, only one working and boats do not come often or favor is not my way to get called at times since new on list. So, after this weeks groceries, my toddlers pullups, and phone due all this week no funds.

I could do this, and so could you at this link (Click word link to go to petition, Thank you!)

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