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Police Brutality | Say My Name, Goerge Floyd, Social Media Activism, False Prophets| Mother's Prayer

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Screengrab from Young Pharoah's Twitter

Where are the true leaders, not the "Coons" sharing black excellence that obviously mean nothing to Law Enforcement who carry on "Slave Patrol" behavior, but The Malcolms?

Say My Name is a hard pill for a Black Mother to swallow. Imagine these mothers having to live on after Police kill their children to see Memorial of them with Social Media Activist sharing tags, #SayMyName with their baby boy or baby girl followed behind it? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

They lie to #AhmaudArbery mother first saying he was killed while committing a Home Burglary?🤔

Pedophiles get off easy!

Black lives that pump Trillions outside their community do not matter to those supported by our #BlackDollar!

Money we attain comes from a race that as a whole, but for few in solidarity with War being waged on us, are "Unbothered" by our plight. Money, Power, and Respect we cannot even get from our own who rather sabotage efforts of another while pandering to those cutting their check.

This is more so why I block personally, because so many tote being positive, well, where has Martin Luther King pacification behavior helped us?

How many more black wombs must cry?


All complain in the enemy' s house, sabotage your fellow Entrepreneurs efforts that would help add to the Money aspect of three Chains of Command our enemy shows they respect if held by party they look to pander to. That is Money, Power, Respect and no other order.

As a bot does to learn why humans are useless to them as a joke made on a show watching, patterns show same route to respect.

Masa Mussa understood and why those who knowingly commit malicious acts against another in their already "Under War Community" will be blocked without hesitation.

Haitian-American Mother's Prayer

I fear for my son under guise of these imposters to Black Unity! Teach them young not to put up with disrespect. I taught my kids and because actions by some helped my desperate situations in past, show my kids through my life why to cut ties with cancers in your community not behaving on code. Our enemies do not care to stop killing us because they watch through data, we will sabotage ourselves, follow false prophets preaching peace and complacency while being slaughtered. Just give them a documentary and a puppet always silent when it counts who will now after many call him out on silence will spin this too. Where was that energy throughout your Presidency, Post Presidency and while campaigning for one who was all for Mass Incarceration mechanisms? Politricks and separation from the clueless is needed. Democrats are not representing our needs and unwilling to show their red hands. Republicans play up Deep State while still silent about blatant Police Brutality with Racist Overtones.

My "Mother's Prayer" is for my kids, mixed or not to have a chance to live out their lives without fear flashing Red and Blue lights do not signal loss of their lives because one with badge is never held accountable for violating Civil Code of Police conduct. Creator, watch over all our sons and daughters!

#Repost @king.of.kings.24 @download.ins --- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! #georgefloyd #khalidmuhammad #policebrutality #whitesupremacy #blm

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