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[ Reflections - Abuse ]

@ia_geauxqueen post by creator Shronda Armstrong on Haitian American News Online
@ia_geauxqueen post by creator Shronda Armstrong

With the help of this repost from @iam_geauxqueen , I am up at 3am in South Florida watching Kwame Brown who spoke some real facts about the media and Black Community !

[Second Day of Pre-Training] <- Side Note

Going through my own Rollercoaster with a toxic "Mother - Daughter" relationship as always at a time I go out to be great, Kwame Brown sprinkles some "Mommas Cooking".

See, I follow those like this Queen I post's own premium content because it helps me with all I go through stay focused.

I cannot know that when I am not on social media that is highly manipulated, I am only one using SEO to fuel my Algorithm driven ads while others think social media pimping is it.

There is more to it and many need to multi-task while setting up their online real estate. Without building trust and always passing others content off as your own without credit, plagiarism, is all too common among many saying they want better.

Be as those I follow like King @author_siekiemkontom who is consistent with reaching the youth. I am so happy to see many Kings and Queens out here leaving the kids with blueprints I wish I had from one who looked like me growing up.

We now have VPs who did things most mothers would preach to our daughters against to be paid well in 80s pushed as representative of how our daughters should walk. In my opinion, no. I just dealt with bottom Totten pole sexual harassment from my own for a job. I refuse to just take any black leader who nonchalant says her relations with one who advanced her careers was a shrug moment. That is a young black girls life for most part, expected to sleep to a better job title. Trust, #GodKnows daily the harassment I deal with.

So as my daughter is in others care, I pray she is never sexually abused ever. I was and to this day no one in my now dead to me bloodline did a thing. This pedophile still lives free to menace my life. So as I listen to this former NBA star who was not a bust in my opinion but one played up purposely to be by how they played him one game and sat him a few. Like, no chance to get in game time. Yet our own as in my life, came at him like MMM Steven A Smith. #MommasCooking #Pedophelia #IfBlackLivesMatterThenWhy