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[ Reflections - New Beginnings] Pre-Licensing Training First Day | Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Reflections - New Beginnings June 14, 2021 - Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Today is first day of Pre-Licensing Training that will be two weeks. Ever since new chapter started on May 18, 2021, much has happened. Rollercoaster, understatement! Yet, with much always the same I leave my old notions of family to die, while I live. Cannot change the blood related to, but one can live the rest of their lives in peace and that means I must do what is right for mine. The day my blood sided with a pedophile and started covering up for a pathological liar, they made their choice. How many more slaps to take? I truly want no more words. When no closure and all else who wrong you move on, so should you. Knowing you must draw from your current support system is key! Stay strong those who can relate to going through any hardships without those you thought were to be there. Biggest slap, is seeing how you expected to be treated acted on others deemed more worthy. I cannot accept a "Christian Answer"! That reason to be a way is something each professing to be Christ-like to take up with their God. We cannot believe in the same one with all I have seen. As I move on with a great man, great children , and great friends who treat me better than my own blood, I rejoice in today being my first day towards better! Thank you to all who checked up and gave an ear! Focus - Forgive - Feel - Freedom Mother's Prayer: Keep all jealous hearts out of my presence! Keep love around me and my children!

Health Insurance Pre-Licensing Training -June 14, 2021


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