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Royale L'radin Speaks | Being Burnt Out | HAY Online Quotes

"Being burnt out is like running out of gas in a car; you don't keep trying to drive the car. You go and refuel the car. When we are burnt out, we are supposed to go and do the things that will replenish our spirit." - @royalelradin

Side Note: I have been there myself plenty times and after first bout of "Being Burnt Out" , I learned to listen to my body and stop all I was doing. Took it as a monitor the web and maintain period. For an SEO doing their Online Presence orchestrations can be much. So finding a routine to do each time your computer(your human brain) starts to run slow helps keep things online buzzing while you just reshare, repurpose content you already created and shared. Find other value for it and reshare with of course your brands unique hashtag. Using hashtags as they should be used can help you find your own content in a sea of others. This "Hashtag Search" can help find your old content to share relevantly again. So while not posting and sleeping because fatigued, since many Entrepreneurs like Zoepreneurs posting daily online branding get, you can Maintain your presence by "Plug and Chug" of old content with new found value. During the burn out you posted and kept buzz going without having to plan or strategize, just autopilot. Search unique tag, find content for like a Throwback Thursday post , put tag in caption of newly cropped older content with verbiage linking it to current relevant trend. More tips to come but this quote from Royale had me think about my many times fatigued but had to keep online presence up. Til next time Zoepreneurs! ( Search "HAY Online Media University" for great tips and help)

Stay "Spirits Lifted" this Hump Day HAY Online during Coranavirus 19 Pandemic!

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