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By Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Been a while since last post, like last year 🥺. So much happened personally.

First things first, Hope all are staying immune boosted and safe!

This Carona Virus 19 is something teachers back in the day who taught said could happen if a dormant virus finds opportune environment to attach potential hosts, us.

Since some unoriginals wait to see what one shares, we will do less announcing our moves pass eavesdropping direct messages or my consulting profile and just post.

This quote here from Royale L'radin as part of HAY Online News motivation quotes from him placed under Royale L'radin Speaks are his words of wisdom.

I know my blessings and disassociation that turned out as one were from Divine Intervention. The Creator guides me to do all I must to stay online. One reason when crossed, I look at it as God saying, they were not what I had for you. Then I partner with others that last years as colleagues.

Like a Tupac quote I will share stating one can eat, but not at my table is poignant to me. Many I just wanted to share, never eat with them. The confusion though I thought malicious was good to help learn that nasty link would had mine look untrustworthy as their behavior online, so Divine means to help decide.

As the quote above says," Your blessings are tied down to a higher power greater than yourself. No one can stop your blessings unless you put them above the higher power who is connecting you to your blessings." - @royalelradin on Instagram

This Haitian-American Philosopher I love to call him is one for years filling my cup. The new faces to motivation coming like Speak Sakia, Goodman Chronicles, Author Siekiem Kontom, and many more to share have great content🥰!

Have a great day HAY Online!

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