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By Aquarius Dawn Nancy

"The biggest blessings come from places where pain appears too hard to bear, where a recovery seems too far gone or from places that were on e occupied by people who we thought could never be replaced." - @royalelradin on Instagram

Side Note: This quote from Mr. L'radin speaks to why I do not hate those who took much away due to malice. It was my fault to not distance myself when I saw signs of "Ill Intent". With that said, acknowledgement of my own actions, I no longer put myself in those situations. I never want to reconcile with those who help keep food off my table and said things that came back in regards to trying to stop or show me who runs things. I never wanted publicity but share personal blog, Aquarius Dawn Nancy, to help others like me who have dealt with nasty Entrepreneurs coming from a bad "Old School" way of business. Will share in a Blue Robe Diaries addition more on things that made me "Block Queen". If one comes to band together, where is that a threat? What I know and you know can strengthen one another. Yet, through entrepreneurial pain as a Zoepreneur, a Haitian-American Entrepreneur, I learned a lot. Especially dealing with those use to games and "Black Balling", I saw this and quickly blocked and disassociated with individuals close to the contention. Online, one must block connections because their online profile may come up under yours, copying topics among a larger base will help the unoriginals. Also, blocking helps spy better because software made for competition analysis will best alert you to their copying with help figure out how. Another topic to elaborate on. There is a multitude of reasons to distance from competition. Some go as far as creating dummy accounts the bots still know of because what another does not know we are doing, the algorithms tasked to profile online behavior do. I love the "Web We Weave" and using tools for one task that alert you to other things one monitoring interactions online can notice was once hard to. Protecting my online world from scrapers and spectators taught me the "Golden" reason to stop malicious connections. So, my pain in being treated a way helped me be a better SEO. My blessing in disguise made me more valuable to those wanting to protect their brand.

Cry, block and look inside at why still dealing with malice and cut it out your life. It saves you money on the Entrepreneur end and saves your sanity on a personal level.

Be love, be great HAY Online!

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