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Royale L'radin Speaks | Support Is Clear | HAY Online Quotes

"Support is clear, not questionable. Respect your intuition." - @royalelradin

Always, and why moving different. Shade, shade, shade from many who profess a relationship with God. Well, if so, my hands are clean. Also, they(my hands) are Cleaning House of those who do not practice what they preach. Removing many and numbers will become small. This is part of auditing. No worries!

These steps also help me be a better SEO and website developer.

Made HAY Online Instagram Private and all requests will be vetted. With data mining unscrupulous actions occur, some still biting clients words lol, and just metrics of engagement call for this auditing of social platforms. Also, access is big. So must get another phone for FB Page Manager, do not want easy access to my messages or apps by their bots "Trying to Learn" me to give a better experience. Yeah, right!

Funny many are winning lawsuits against Facebook for facial recognition and more so after much in 2016, I would never trust that platform. Rather Google eavesdrop wh ok helps you, not hurt you. Many want to record and run with it. As I use to do when young, "The Creators eyes above sees all truth!" So if one wants to lie, okay. It does not hurt search results blocking as long as what you say online is presented. Other products can share celebrities, HAY Online will keep Spreading Them Legs, spider legs and doing as said. This time I am stable and working on homeownership so no one can dictate where one stays. My kids are mini moguls in making and enjoying creating their world online. #MyDearWatson

Stay tuned for our article on Ms. Nia Devine who partnered with Sassy Sings in "No More" 🤳🏿🦋

Have a great day HAY Online!

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