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Royale L'radin Speaks | You Are Responsible For Your Happiness | HAY Online Quotes

By Aquarius Dawn

"We are responsible for our happiness. Whether you want to go on vacation, celebrate your accomplishment or birthday, shop or go for a night out on the town, it is you who has to set the precedent. Once you set that precedent, the people who are for you will join the movement." - @royalelradin

Side Note: Man, this quote rings true for many experiences had. Biggest reason I found solace growing up, was someone outside the home seeking in me what I felt was ignored at home. Having strict, young "Just Come" Haitian parents was tough growing up in the 80s and 90s! Yes, my parents may have been in a new country but much in verbal abuse still was that. Harsh things said and find myself replicating some behavior I once hated. I work hard to apologize if I get angry with my words. Yet, lately with this COVID19 scare, I am at my wittes end! These kids are driving me up the walls. I want my peace and my happiness!

Plan of Action:

Keep reading quotes to inspire and motivate from those like Royale, Words by Lady G, Speak Sakia, Mr. Siekiem Kontom, and many others followed.

Play YouTube Playlists for Strong Mommy, Feeling Myself and Pink - Feeling Myself (My get girly one lol since not a dress up type and need the musical motivation at times).

Go in my van which is new refuge spot to deprogram and regroup.

Vent to boyfriend, designated "Vent Friends(Those called who can handle you dumping earful on them without affecting their core peace of mind), and journals I write in when really in need to.

Last, but not least, kiss my kids or call if not with me to say "I love them!" Spend time with them after I get mommy time and am happy again.

Watch Speak Sakia's videos on YouTube for Overwhelmed Mothers Prayer and receive the prayer to bless my night.

I may not do it this way everytime, but one of the above is done daily because I know, as Royale speaks of, I am responsible for my happiness!

Great Friday HAY Online!

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