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Intentional Content Creation (Web We Weave) -  HAY Online Media University
Intentional Content Creation #WebWeWeave

SEO Tips from HAY Online:

Great Monday Haitian American Youth Online!

Aquarius Dawn Nancy here, sharing the tips that help you keep your content online. If you need immediate assistance, please email hayonlinemedia@gmail.com and enter "SEO Assistance ASAP, Please" in subject line and a reply will be given within 24 Hours checking for help emails every rising. Now back to the intended discussion, how one should think about content creation these days. Coronavirus has us all living a reality too new, many do not know what to do. Well, HAY Online Media University is here to help the Entrepreneur serious enough they do not ignore another decade of online opportunity. Due to the nature of how I earn a living helping others immediately correct their presence, much shared is basic publicly. Creating a new landinp page for those serious about Search Engine Optimization. Not for the copycats slowing down their Plagiarism doomh This help is for those who said they want to run a online business the right, clean Online Behavior way. Sit back and let "Serious Entrepreneurs - L'union Fait La Force" bring you Zoe Social Media and Online Presence Insights.


The insights help one intentionally create content Google's BERT may find suitable for the intended information a searcher online types or says into search tool. Robots, we call Spiders, are Algorithms tasked to complete commands. Today with Artificial Intelligence, encompassing Machine Learning, Prediction Reactions to Structured Data Input, and so many other components to smart technology one must see why SEO is fundamental to communication.

Fundamentals of SEO:

Why create intentional content well titled?

Crawling search robots want to read what content is in most optimal , quick way. Least steps to get from point A to point Z is best. So if you can figure out how to lead visitors quickly to information looking for, this ability if a pattern sets you apart for now. Direct link to content, product page, previous blog posts you hyperlink in, or just make all they may have intended to search for be found there.

An Example of Intentional Content Creation #WebWeWeave : Creating a Beauty Store

I know I need images of my products but still getting inventory delivered.

I know I need a web presence ( Online Presence).

I researched search results to learn what is trending in Beauty today literally.

I thought of a strategy for 90 days or more to stick to no matter changes. Reason why is what you share under your brand should not be for instant publicity but a continuous share of brand. So, think of things you can keep as a staple for future sharing that brands you. Also provide some kind of value you then must test among your audience you may learn to work different due to it. While I keep up with the strategy, I monitor it through Search Engines to see what content is catching online. If I see in All category of Google search and it Images category, I study the W' ( What did I do to get visibility?, Why did that content surface in search result pages?, Who is driving it there, the traffic making it come up in search result pages? ).

SEO Basics:

Titles, titles, titles, please fill them out.

When I say I talk to bots, I mean it.

SEO Sections help communicate with a platform what is to come from brand you should have filled Description on. If able to create Categories, Collections, Tags, Labels and put Brand Name in these areas, it will help tremendously but not guarantee coming up in search. You also need to weave content in relevant to why you said online. You cannot make statements and not back it up. Days of Vanity Metrics stealing the show is over. If you are not filling out SEO Sections and then doing them with keywords that best fit intent for future search by Audience, you are lost in the sauce right now. A sea of images and other formated content that has no branding. That is not Serious Entrepreneurs.

Well, I must keep building consulting end, Aquarius Dawn Nancy Consulting and my Color Street venture. Must literally keep the lights on. Will discuss those matters of personal Entrepreneur journey that led me to look for true Women leaders who do not hurt another, but help another look their best. Look out for discussions presented under, "If Black Lives Matter Then Why...? Podcast". There we talk about Black on Black Crime and the excuses.

As the AI bots do now, pick up inferences from our connections and what they do, we must understand the power of our connections. Run, leave profiles and block profiles ignoring you who are not engaging with you past 90 days if a business connections that drive deep relevance to your brand. This will hurt price per click. This is for industry mates, not just random nonsensical connections just looking for Vanity Metrics of a follow back to unfollow 🙄 (Another sad trend I cannot wait to end!) .

As I tell clients, If your own family ignore your business pursuits, block them and keep it moving til Family Reunion connects again. No amount of publicity is worth me implying to a bot unpopular to my own friend or family. Your following is important and if those saying similar plus copy and pasting your content still says, "Never heard of, My Dear Watson, leave that connection. Find your tribe and audience who find value in you. You pay more to be visible to those who are not interested. Advance set interests and geographic areas to get impressions shown to place you created a noticeable buzz when paying for ads.

Plagiarism is huge online though plagiarizing IP are tracked, does not mean these platforms police them. So one looses visibility to scrapers not giving you credit. You keep getting traffic to your content but via a thief who needs to keep their audience happy. I hope they start looking at origin more and give those deserving visibility that. Google lens, thank you! Til then, many must rely on these platforms to take their push for one to be on them branding more responsibly. You must block plagiarists and never connect because many performing Black Hat tactics do not realize they were locked onto and deemed untrustworthy. What do you think a machine learning robot thinks of entities online who keep bad connections? Connections, your contacts in emails and in phone matter. Once many realize that, they will view dangerous spectators accordingly. You can overcome effects bad connections after 90 days or more of no connections. Each entity online is studied and treated differently so not world for "Unoriginals", Copycats.

I hope some of this helps and if your are serious and want to mentor youth in what you do, join HAY Online Mentors Program for just $250 a year. You are assisted like clients for SEO and Online Presence Strategy are, you will receive free promotion with marketing, one created for you Premium Content, Monitoring of Online Presence with Correction Steps, and all updates explained if applicable to your brand online when asked. $100 of the membership amount is for scholarships you get to choose from to put name on. Email to learn more (Email mentioned in first paragraph).

Have a great day GIANTs!

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