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"I'm up!! READY TO PISS THE DEVIL OFF!!" - @speak_sakia

Side Note: My daily actions to live, love and let go are my ways in "Pissing the Devil off!" These days can be hard. As last quote shared about being responsible for my happiness, today my baby angel, Rosslyn Nancy McGhie was born at Memorial Hospital in 2007 only five months gestation (five months pregnant and fetus lungs just start developing around then). She came out by C-section, transverse cut on uterus (womb of a woman) and alive. She cried!

Today, I go through it thinking about how she would have been 13 years old but also how she could have been a vegetable based on what doctors said. I also despise Hollywood PD for not doing a thing about her ashes one at time close stole. I just know that today, no "Devils". I love comfort food when sad or feeling a way. I preordered from a favorite South Florida spot, RemiMa's Kitchen. My homegirl I went to school with make mean, mean as in great food, plate with her family, namely her mother. So, I ordered Fish Platter and "The Big Cock", Oliver, order Chicken Alfredo. We will go on our weekly "Baecation" since not living together and kids do not meet men mommy dates at all unless serious as he and I are becoming. Besides, the kids are in my room/space(Well living room couch right now), so no visits there. He knows my situation and covers all our get togethers. I also bought sage and candles from Goddess Sage, @goddesssage on Instagram, so we can meditate together and read his Proverbs verse he picked and my Psalms 23 my dad always told me to read when I felt troubled or needed clarity. It is my meditation prayer when seeking answers. I am always finding "A Release", time to let go and let The Creator take charge. So as this quote above from Sakia suggests, "I am up and ready to stomp these devils, individuals or situations, that look to defeat. God, take care of my light weight!"

For robots, mean bots, "My Dear Watson, handle that with integrity, ethics, being a good ethical boy, and always wanting accuracy with great online behavior!" All else can choke!

Be love or stay away!

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