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Speak Sakia | You Set The Tone | HAY Online Quotes

"YOU SET THE TONE for every aspect of your life. Teach people how to treat you!" - @speak_sakia on Instagram

Side Note: When I say, "The Creator leads me to GEMs, I need to correct that. I already am among GEMs."

Sekia says something here in her quote that is true. All we deal with is our fault. How people treat us and even our kids treat us is a direct reflection of what we allow. I want my home kept clean, no shoes on in the house but house socks. So, I just do what I expect as in keeping floor clean. Starting with me being an example, I put house socks on, I do not walk in our bathroom with slides on, and I make sure to keep cleaning til all else follow suit. In business, I allowed spectators and now no longer. If I do not know you or have any passion to associate, I will just "Clean House". I will just block. Why? I would be teaching AI bots I want to pay more to get your attention you will never give me a like for, comment or share. All the things that really help an Entrepreneur, I allow you to treat me poorly while you expect a like from moi. A like is a show of popularity or interest a bot uses to give favor on a platform due to metrics read. Yet, I taught you that I would do customary gestures like commenting, liking and sharing while accepting your silence that signals to bots you ignore that. Spectators do not find value in you. Yet, they found value in taking ideas, smh. So, in effort to "Train The Web" and those hypocrites wanting something they do not give, I started giving back what they taught me. They got same treatment but better. I train the web on how I treat spectators, we block around here, lol.

Great, productive Wednesday HAY Online!

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