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HAY Online Instagram Is At 2000 Followers
Thank You For 2000 Followers from HAY Online

Well, due to much personally even what lies have slowed down, HAY Online Instagram reached 2000 followers. Now, where it matters when helping get visibility to those following on social media on the World Wide Web we are might strong as long as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) used.

Learning it so well, I Nancy or as my boyfriend says, iNancy lol, had to use it. Mission was to get others promoted for their passions and missions Online. Then it turned into a Media consulting Freelance gig.

Yesterday as HAY Online reached this milestone, a sibling tried to bring ruin to my life. When you know your truth, many who see it may be jealous or envious. This sibling will be dealt with legally and further reinforces why so passionate about causes dealing with sexual abuse, homelessness, and legal matters.

Some whom we started distancing from will take but not acknowledge and find these platforms, no matter ability manipulate. As with this sibling and Plagiarizing marketers, it seems they win in the public sphere. That must change. A person should not be able to use law enforcement as a weapon especially during these times.

On Haitian American Youth Online's Instagram, you will see youth we follow shared, both of Haitian descent and our friends who support from around the globe. You will also see Police brutality and acts Blacks commit against their own Skinfolk shared.

Reason, if one professes to be out here to help their own and friends, why hurt? I personally and professionally could not be among vultures who want ego coaxed and personally only started coming out as face of brand to help those promoting since my own Facebook page that was personal had more PR, PageRank than my company. Found if I attached my name or alias online Aquarius Dawn Nancy much came up. So my whole being right now is to get to my 8am job in Hialeah, pursue legal remedies for one so bent on ruining things as they see so much activity again on pages with life betterment, and keep helping behind the scenes. Some will call you, record conversations, then tell you what a Plagairizing platform shared while saying they respect you. Nah, buddy, you just want to get in those pants. The thirst is real out here, but mine is for my kids to get better and those lacking support to get it. Have a great day, #HAYOnline !

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Stay humble, be you and stay greatly favored by The Creator!

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