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The Man Commandments | An Author's Thoughts, Introduction To Great Messages from Siekiem Kontom

"Men: Be able to apply reasoning to your connection with women. Some want love while others want attention. From anyone. Step back, regroup. Love is more Important than sporadic attention spells. Never compromise yourself to compete with what holds no weight. For the knowledge and move accordingly." @author_siekiemkontom #TheManCommandments #AuthorSiekiemKontom #SiekiemTaughtYou

Author Siekiem Kontom: HAY Online Quotes content creator shared on a regular through HAY Online Media. To support his efforts in being a solution for youth in our Black Communities, please follow his profile on Instagram @author_siekiemkontom or just Google him. You know we love saying that at Haitian American News Online - HAY Online News ! "Google Me!" "Google My Business!"

Great Sunday, June 7, HAYOnline!

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