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"Are portals a gateway to our freedom? Or part of a dream we are stuck in? Because every doorway we enter,locks us in...for life. Memories are reminders that there's a version of ourselves always left behind. Windows deceivingly gives us a sneak peek of what's inside. The same way our vision beholds every lie. Keeping us from truth... away from our third eye.

To be continued... - @wordsbyladyg

Side Note: This as all her poems and quotes are deep!

I am always letting the sun hit pineal gland receptors in the Optical area of my head. Staring at the sun really quick helps but not healthy if done for long or often. Eating to decalcify your pineal gland helps too. The "Third Eye" , the pineal gland is that physical element in the brain that deals with cognitive aspects many hurt. I love my memories, good or bad because the way my mind works with memory, is my chance to reflect while watching a reel of the past events in my head. Introspection with help of the "Third Eye" is powerful and must be done in a humble state. So this weekend as I meditate, I shall look at certain things that need work. I want my Onyx stone and Feather Smudge to assist in future work to clear up some areas. Namely the pedophile memories of abuse creeping in and having me look at many more differently. It is to point I do not care for family functions. I still see some converse with person and that hurts but after three decades ignored, it is me, my tools and great support from those who are humble vessels bringing me hope where at times is bleak that help. I am over sorry, just want much trampled on to stop and move on. My Third Eye sees peace because I seek it and protect it with Revelations learned.

Words by Lady G really get my deepest concerns without saying much!

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