HAY Online Team Members and Collaborators

We are always adding to our team of contributors (Members) and Collaborators (HAY Online Partners). Whether they are financial investors or professionals willing to mentor the youth along with educate us on Haitian culture, we gladly accept. Our only condition is the appraoch and we monitor, research and follow up to make sure all who contribute and partner are with a certain way about them. We created HAY as a safe haven to get answers and help without the norms many of us born here get as in approach and treatment. We do not exploit and work with many within their budget and ours to come to a common ground. That common ground is to reach out to a large number of Haitian Americans who are not searching their culture more than around Haitian Flag Day. There is nothing wrong with this, but we want to present the many online who are doing their thing sometimes with little recognition. So enjoy our continually growing list of partner/contributors.

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Myrlande E. Sauveur, Haitian born Author of Daily Spiritual Vitamins And Mineral
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