Viktory BX Supreme Promoter


Viktory was inspired to be a radio host by listening to The Half time Show with Stretch Armstrong and Bobito. He was also inspired by Ralph Mc Daniels of Video Music Box and watching Ghetto Nomics on Bronx cable network and Future Flavas on Hot 97.


In general underground hip hop media inspired him to be a media personality radio show host. He got his first start as a radio host at Oldwest Bury College from 98-99. Afterward he met up with Turbo a dj and engineer at who put him on as a host in 2005- 06. Later Viktory hosted the Grind Ethiks Mixtape Show again in 2010, taking a four year break. He took those breaks because of poor ratings.

Often times there were only two listeners in spite of his heavy promoting.


Viktory hosts The Grind Ethiks Mixtape Show on HAY Online Media as Viktory BX Supreme Promoter, which consist of underground emcees and singers as promotion base. He also plays alternative music such as grime, jungle,trip hop, which consist of old school and new school music.


The show is on soundcloud, can be viewed on youtube and heard on podcast. The shows concept introduces artist on the grind reaching a mass crowd of many forms of business. Currently ratings are great for Viktory as the host of dslradio with numerous success.


Past interviews include: Boot Camp Click, Lord Jamar from Brand Nubian,Stevie D from the Force Mds,Hakim from Channel Live,Heather Hunter (EX ADULT STAR) Bizarre of D12, Prodigal Sunn of Wu Tang & La the Darkman who is also apart of the Wu. His interviews also include unsigned artist who he values as if they were mainstream.


Wether The Grind Ethiks Mixtape Show is on the radio or not it is still an entity with in itself.

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