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Where we share the Haitian and Haitian American youth we meet online making a way for better. Some will be well covered but newly discovered by US and many are relatively unknowns with that lasting quality that you know will keep them the course of entrepreneurial pursuits. From the fledgling start-up's CEO to the established still relatively unknown star WE never heard of if not for looking on Facebook where much is going on as we say here, "Facebook Pimpin". So enjoy the new pages and websites we share of the many doing what you may be or want to one day.

Lisa Drouillard

Model, Pageant Contestant and Public Figure

Annabella Jean-Laurent

writer and creator of the blogsite Militant Barbie

Roberleine Limontas- Bramble

aka Ravishing Chica, CEO and Founder of Ravishing Creations

Young Shrimp 

Haitian - Bahamian comedian residing in the US

Leanna Archer

Haitian American Entrepreneur

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